Converting your veranda into a glass room

Do you already have a veranda that you would like to enclose? Or would you like to install a glass roof over a patio, but keep your options open? You may want to turn it into a full room in the future. No matter what you have planned, we have the solution for you.

Our glass side modules are custom built for each client by our exclusive manufacturer, Weinor. They are constructed to the highest quality and because they are floor mounted, they can be fitted to most types of veranda roof. They are most easily retrofitted to existing Weinor glass roof systems but can be adapted to other models.

Flawless frames

If you want to install a glass veranda and plan to build a fully enclosed room later on, our Terrazza range is a perfect place to start. With many types available, these verandas can be tailored exactly to your needs. By choosing a glass roof from The Glass Veranda Company, we will ensure that every aspect is checked and built to millimetre precision with a future, smooth conversion in mind.

The most effective roof frame to convert is Weinor’s “115” model. We are pleased to introduce this new square frame with its unobtrusive, sleek look and clever integrated features. Its design conceals any guttering or cabling and makes it even easier to change a glass roof into a full room with clean, chic lines.

Even if you do not have a Weinor glass roof, our experts can give you advice and find the most effective and stylish way to add glass walls to your veranda.

Wall to wall glass

Providing an unobstructed outlook from your new room, Weinor’s tried and trusted W-17 glass door system is a versatile way to convert your veranda into a room. This system gives you a full glass sliding door and offers complete protection from the elements without losing any light or views. It opens fully so that you can still live alfresco when the weather is fine.  With soft closing and easy pull features, the W-17 has won a 2017 Red Dot Award for its innovative design. You can choose from 3 different versions – side closing, middle opening (lock plate) or a corner unit.

Finishing touches

Changing from a veranda to an enclosed glass room may mean that you will have additional considerations. You might want to lay a different floor more suited to an indoor space, buy different furniture and install new lighting and heating. You can also choose from our extensive range of under-mounted and side awnings to give you optimum shade on sunny days.

With the help of our team, you can choose the best way to convert your veranda. You can select the best model in the W-17 range and discuss any other design changes need to be made.

For more information about converting your glass verandas, please contact us or let us call you back.