5 ways to afford the Glass Room of your dreams within a budget

Build your perfect glass room at a price you can afford with our handy tips and advice.

It’s no secret that a glass room can transform your home’s appearance and value, but a common misconception is that it will cost a fortune in the process. Of course glass rooms are a premium product, but there are many ways to make them affordable for those on a stricter budget.

This article will explore a few of the ways you can afford the glass room of your dreams without breaking the bank!

Phased installation

A popular option if you’re on a budget is to start your glass room as a veranda. This way you’re still able to enjoy your garden in great comfort, but the costs are reduced significantly due to the smaller number of glass panels required.

One of the brilliant things about glass rooms is that the engineering is so precise it can be installed in a modular fashion. You can start with a glass veranda and then add the additional panels a year or two later when you have the budget available. Alternatively you may decide that the veranda is the perfect solution for your needs after all!

Likewise, if you are considering your options for awnings, lighting and heating, these can all be added separately in the future when finances allow.

Choosing fixed glass panels

Most people opt for sliding or bi-folding panels as they offer greater flexibility, allowing you to completely open up your glass room on warm days letting in a cool breeze! A simpler and cheaper alternative is to choose fixed panels, which allow you to save money whilst still enjoying the frameless, panoramic views of your garden. As a compromise, you can choose to have a mixture of the two, with fixed panels on some walls and sliding panels for others – the options are endless!

Use two walls rather than one

Depending on the shape of your home you may be able to use two walls rather than one, which significantly reduces the amount of glass required and therefore the cost.

Begin with a smaller glass room

Of course one simple way of keeping the costs low is to choose a small glass room. For many properties this option is ideal, and occasionally people may even then extend the size of the glass room at a later date by increasing the width.

Make use of your existing patio

A popular option is to install a new decking area for the glass room, but if you already have a patio of the right size then often that can be used as the foundation, which not only reduces costs but also offers a more seamless appearance.

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