How to Get Your Glass Room Ready for Autumn

If you have been enjoying your evenings in your glass room recently, you will have noticed that the weather is cooling down and the sun is setting sooner. Autumn is nearly here! The great thing about a glass room is that you can enjoy feeling outdoors all year round but there is a knack to getting the glass room just right! Here’s how to welcome the hygge feeling into your glass room this autumn.


Interior fabrics and colours

Summer tends to bring with it a lot of rattan when it comes to furniture and a lot of colourful homewares. When welcoming autumn, we must welcome the colours of autumn. Swap out rattan for soft furnishings and bright summer colours for warm and earthy tones or darker shades. The key with autumn and winter interiors is achieving a heavy but cosy vibe in your glass room!



Since the sun will set a lot sooner on Autumn nights than the long summer evenings we have been used to, lighting is a key element that needs to change in your glass room! We recommend placing lots of low light in your glass room such as lamps and fairy lights to achieve the famous hygge atmosphere! Candles or a fireplace are also a great way to achieve that cosy flickering light in your glass room and will help keep your glass room a warm and inviting place to be!

Blankets and dining

Of course, with cooler and darker evenings, comes lots of need for warm interiors and warm food which means you’ll likely be doing much more hosting in your glass room. Invest in some soft blankets to throw over furniture or place in baskets. It’s also important to dress your table for all the dinner parties you’ll have this season in your glass room! Style your table with a table runner and layered plates and bowls with candles running down the centre of the table to continue the cosy atmosphere.

These simple changes in your glass room will create a warm and inviting cosy atmosphere this autumn!