A veranda for outside cooking and dining in basingstoke

By installing a large glass veranda with heating Mr & Mrs Andrews are able to eat outside but also cook meat on a BBQ all year round.

  • Large outside dining and cooking area
  • Roof overhang to extend the area
  • Recessed posts into existing paving

Customer Vision

We love to be outside in our garden whenever possible but also 3 – 4 times a week all year around cook our meat on a BBQ. We wanted a large area so we could also dine outside but did not want to much framework or anything that would take light away from our home.

We contacted 3 companies and found that The Glass Room Company offered the best solutions and it was a fair price. One of the big selling points to us was the veranda only required 3 posts and that we could extend the glass past the front posts.

Once we had placed the order we were regularly updated on the progress of the order and the install date we were originally offered  was kept to.

The fitters were a great asset to the company and work hard and completed the install quickly. We are very pleased with the finish of the posts being cut into our existing patio. This really works well with the minimal appearance.

We are looking forward to lots of parties with family and friends knowing that if the great British weather does it best to stop us it will not succeed!! I would recommend adding a veranda to anyone and most definitely buying it form The Glass Room Company.

The design

It was very east to work with Mr & Mrs Andrews. They knew what they wanted but we were still able to help them improve on their ideas.

The glass veranda benefits from an additional roof overhang which extend the usable space whilst keeping the post set back slightly.

Also to minimise the posts we recessed the posts into the ground and then cut the paving back in. The drainage is integrated into the structure and has no visible downpipes.

Finally we installed 2 remote controlled colour matching heaters so that they can dine outside whenever they wish.

Whilst this project was in Basingstoke, Hampshire we are located in Redhill Surrey and cover most of England.