Textile Roof system install

By creating a fully retractable textile roof system and installing eco patio heaters, Mr & Mrs Frances’ outdoor pizza oven and patio area was transformed into an all-weather retreat for entertaining friends and family.

  • Retractable textile roof
  • All weather usage
  • Remote controlled heating

Customer Vision

We love to entertain family and friends at our home and one of the main ways we like to do this is to cook with our outdoor pizza oven and enjoy sitting in our garden to eat. Over recent years we have used different parasols to try and provide some shade in the summer, but they never shaded everyone and were of no use in the rain.

When we started looking for a more permanent solution to our issue we came across The Glass Room Company who appeared to have a product that looked like it would work for us.

Whilst we were confident in the advice, knowledge and products we ordered, we were completely bowled over with the results. The attention to detail in the design of the product and the quality of the installation far exceeded our expectations.

The design

At first, The Glass Room Company liaised with the client over email and telephone to provide some initial concepts and details of the PergoTex textile roof system. The reason for us recommending the use of this system was because of the client’s need to shade a larger area, as well as provide rain protection.

The PVC cover, similar to the material used for marquees, is extended via a remote control and held at a particular tension, making it possible for the PergoTex roof to disperse of rainwater at a shallow pitch of 8 degrees. The water then runs through the integrated guttering and is transported through the internal drainage within the legs of the frame.

The client’s experience and use of their outdoor living space is maximised with the addition of two remote-controlled, high-output eco patio heaters to prolong cooler evenings.

There is no doubt in our minds from our first few meals outside that the addition of the retractable roof will allow us to use our garden and pizza oven most of the year thanks to the great service and advice that The Glass Room Company provided.

Mr & Mrs Frances | Leatherhead - Surrey