Typically, in gardens, you will find a pergola, a sturdy grid of cross beams supported by vertical posts or columns. Generally, it is an ample, open space with a high ceiling and a full, flat surface, similar to the shape of a tree or shrub. If you look at a typical pergola, it has four supporting beams (often more), which can be made of any material, wood or stone, and which can then form a grid or a fixed roof over beams. In this sense, a pergola has no roof, but a lattice of transverse beams that can be filled with grilles or panels or not. You can choose a gazebo if you know that you are more likely to get bad weather and want to spend time outdoors, but still want a structure in your garden that is more decorative than a pergola. You can also use pergola as a lead – in a lonely gazebo or a back door to create an eye-catching outdoor living area, or you can have a custom-made – outdoor structure and use it as lead to your rear doors. It usually takes only about two weeks (or more) to build a bespoke PerGola, and it can be any size. If you are looking for a way to enhance your concrete terrace or wooden deck, a pergola can transform what you have into a fresh new element.

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