The Benefits of a Veranda in a Heatwave

With the record heat we are having around the world and some areas suffering more than others, homeowners are looking for ways to cool off without having to turn the air conditioning on. While some days it’s inevitable, other days when the heat is not as bad, we try to deal with the heat the best we can and leave the air conditioning alone.
There are some ways that you can cool of during a heatwave and still stay comfortable in your home. You could spend more time in your basement or lower level of your home. If this level is below ground, it will naturally be much cooler and can even feel cold at night. Another method is to go for a dip in the pool if you have one and let the water cool your body.


But what if your home doesn’t have a basement level and you don’t have a pool? Installing either would be very expensive and time consuming and it could take a long time to recoup the money spent on these projects. You could install a veranda and not only add more space to your home but add a cooling effect as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a veranda, especially during a heat wave:

Keeps Your Home Cool

A veranda can actually help cool your home and reduce your energy bills by enabling you to use your air conditioning less. Depending on where you install it, a veranda can cut your cooling bills by us much as 40% on average. How? A veranda prevents the sun’s heat from penetrating your home, keeping it cooler naturally.

Increases the Value of Your Home

Another benefit of adding a veranda onto your home is that is will increase the value of your home immediately. How does that help during a heat wave? If you decide to move to a cooler climate, your home will be worth almost £15K more with a veranda than without.

Adds Beauty

Aesthetically, a veranda will make your garden area look more inviting and provide some welcome shade from the sun during outdoor parties. This, in itself, might make you want to throw a summertime heatwave party and invite your friends over to relax and have a good time while avoiding the heat. Add climbing plants to your veranda to add even more shade and a beautiful outdoor feel.

Adds Space

When our homes get hot, we do our best to keep as far away from others as we can. People give off heat and too many people in one room can make it even hotter during a heatwave. Adding a veranda can add more space to your home and give your family more room to relax and spread out.

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