How To Throw The Perfect Summer’s Evening Party

Having experienced a good amount of warm weather already this year, it’s safe to say summer is well on it’s way. And there’s nothing like long days and never ending twilights to get us in the party mood.

Whether you’re holding an intimate dinner with close friends or a neighbours’ get together around the barbecue, here are some top tips for throwing the perfect summer’s evening party at home.

Choose a gathering point

If the weather is splendid, get out of the house! Create plenty of seating areas for guests, and focus the main gathering point in your garden.

A growing trend this summer is an open fire feature, such as a central fire pit which creates a warm and romantic atmosphere and somewhere for guests to sit around. And even on the hottest of days, late evening temperatures can still be quite chilly, so a warm fire can add comfort to your evening and keep the party going into the small hours.

A glass room gives you the best of both worlds, and is the ideal gathering point for a summer’s evening party. It’s the ideal room for serving summer cocktails when guests arrive, or for laying out food once the party’s in full swing.

A glass room also protects you and your guests from the elements if the weather takes a turn for the worse. You can still enjoy the outdoors atmosphere even if it’s raining. And if you have bi-fold doors you can open them up to bring the outdoors in if you prefer to stay under cover.

Choose the right food for the occasion

If you’re serving cocktails, canapés and finger foods are easier to eat with a glass in your hand, whereas barbecue foods are easier to eat sitting down at a table. If you have a lot of guests, stick to foods which can be eaten with the hands such as burgers, ribs and kebabs, so they can comfortably eat sitting on the lawn or standing up.
If you’re organising a more formal summer dinner party, a glass room can be transformed into a beautiful dining room, offering space, light and comfort for your guests while allowing you to still enjoy your outdoor areas.


Decorate your garden with outdoor lanterns and fairy lights. Choose citronella tea lights and flame torches around the lawn to help keep bugs at bay.

Choose a theme

Liven things up with a themed summer’s evening party. A themed event such as a Hawaiian evening are fun for both adults and children, and are great for getting guests in the party mood. Add fun elements such as flower leis and Hawaiian styled cocktails. It’s kitsch, but fun, and in the summer, anything goes!

A glass room is ideal for the great British summer, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor areas whatever the weather. Comfortable, practical and aesthetically stunning, a beautifully designedglass room is the perfect location for unforgettable summer parties that you can enjoy year after year.

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