Glass garden Room install 1 year on

This was the perfect situation for us – a complete blank canvas as Mr & Mrs Farthing wanted to transform all of their outdoor living space including adding a glass garden room.

  • Custom designs around offset wall
  • LED lights, heaters & shading installed
  • composited decking installed

Customer Vision

Our vision was to have a very minimal and low maintenance garden that was going to be usable all year round.  The designer Martyn came out to meet us and immediately we were sold on the frameless doors as this would give us the view we were looking for.

We had a couple of concerns including the glass room being hot in summer and cold in winter. This was discussed and great solutions found by adding a roof shade and heaters.  Our Designer Martyn was able to produce a visualisation on an iPad which my wife found useful as she was able to see what the glass garden room would look.

The process from start to finish was so smooth and simple but most importantly without pressure. When the install was carried out we noticed the  fitter’s attention to detail was amazing. They were even able to install the millboard flooring inside the room to match the rest of the garden.

We have now had our glass garden room for a year. it’s the perfect space to sit and enjoy our space time. In fact we use the garden more than the inside of our home.

The design

It was a great pleasure to work on this project helping to create the Farthings vision of what an outdoor living experience should be. We were able to offer them the solution they required without any compromise in design or practicality resulting in a great outdoor living area.

The glass roof section of the glass garden room had what we call a balcony cut-out in the middle to work around the protruding doors and windows in the centre of the property.

We constructed a raised substructure which the room was built off and finished the surface with our 100% wood free composite decking made by Millboard in the UK.

The frameless sliding glass walls are the perfect way of keeping winter weather out whilst not taking away from the surrounding views of the garden.

The glass room was finished off with an undermounted roof shade, LED roof beam lighting and two remote controlled heaters.

We could never have expected the glass room to have been such a big part of our lives out of work. The combination of the Weinor glass garden room and the Knowledge and abilities of The Glass Room Company was great but most of all resulted in our perfect outdoor living space.

Mr & Mrs Farthing | Enfield - Greater London