The perfect Glass Room creation

Mr Schmidt wanted a space that allowed him to be ‘outdoors’ in the evenings and over weekends, regardless of the weather. We worked within the site’s limitations to provide him with a fully customised glass room to meet his needs.

  • Installation into a corner
  • Roof mounted shading
  • Frameless sliding doors

Customer Vision

Having moved over to the UK from Cologne, Germany, we were used to spending a large amount of our free time in the evenings and at weekends outside. With the climate and rain over here that is not always so possible. We knew we wanted a glass room.

Dealing with The Glass Room Company was a pleasure as we were always kept informed of the progress of our order. The attention to detail with the installation was exactly what we would expect to receive from a company providing a premium product range and service.

The design

In this particular situation the client already had a good understanding of the basics involved in creating the perfect outdoor living space. We were able to ask them some more specific questions to create a picture of the intended use of the area.

When designing the glass room, one of the main hurdles to overcome was the removal of the existing tiled fascia on the side of the house. Our extensive building experience meant that we could remove this to create a suitable pitch, preventing any rainwater from collecting on the roof.

The main roof structure was also installed with sliding frameless glass doors, which were designed to really complete the feeling of “inside living outside”, offering unbroken panoramic views of the garden and surrounding scenery. When retracted, the doors also disperse of excess heat in the summer months.

Finally, we completed the space by adding an external roof awning to reduce the heat and glare in the glass room, making it a truly all year round living space.

The addition of the glass room has really brought our garden into our everyday life even when the weather does its best to stop that being possible.

Mr Schmidt | Crawley - West Sussex