Beautiful glass room accessory ideas

Whether lazing around with a coffee on a sunny summer morning or enjoying a family meal around table, your glass room is a perfect place to relax.

Take advantage of the fact that a glass room is more versatile than a conservatory. It lets in more light, and its clever design means that it can completely open out onto the garden. Collect pieces that reflect this bright and airy space, and that will complement the feeling of inside living outside.

Seats & tables

It is always wise to invest in a quality sofa and dining table to ensure that the furniture will last as long as possible. Side tables and coffee tables are important if you want to use your room as a lounging area. If space is limited or you want to use it as a multipurpose area, foldaway or drop-down tables and chairs are a useful option.

Accents & art

Don’t forget the finishing touches. With a glass room bridging the gap between the inside and outside, you can choose either ornaments designed for the outside, or inside, or even a mixture of both. Sculptures, pictures, wall clocks, rugs, throws and cushions, all bring an individual flair to a room. They are easy to replace if you want a change. Be careful that any colours and fabrics that you choose will not fade. Our wide selection of bespoke awnings and shades will help protect you and the décor in the high summer sun.

Perhaps the most obvious accessories for a garden room are pot plants and herbs, to truly bring the outside inside. For those summer days, why not buy sculpture-like citronella burners to keep the insects away when the doors are open. Beautiful and functional, they are available in all types of materials.


At The Glass Room Company, we offer optional remote controlled integrated LED lighting. However, you can also create different moods with free standing mother & child lighting, hurricane lamps, tea lights and side lamps. Extend the lighting out into the garden with well-positioned solar lights or mains operated ones. This way you can enjoy an atmospheric view all through the evening.

We want to make sure that you enjoy your new space all year round, and for as many hours in the day. Hopefully, this will have given you a few ideas to create a beautiful and comfortable room.

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