Bringing the Outside Inside!

We Brits love our gardens. In fact we are one of the world’s busiest gardening cultures. And although we moan a lot about the unpredictable weather, our climate does help create lush, green areas and healthy plants.

The downside to the great British climate however, is that it restricts the amount of time we can enjoy our gardens, especially in the winter months.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of your garden 365 days a year, then The Glass Room Company has the perfect solution: a glass room.

What exactly is a glass room?

A glass room is a transparent floor to ceiling extension which can be easily added to the side of your home. The framework is minimal and the entire structure is almost completely made up of glass.

So what are the benefits of a glass room?

Unbroken views

The minimal design features of glass rooms include frameless doors and minimal framework. This gives you a virtually transparent room with spectacular and unbroken views of your garden and outdoor areas.

Closer to nature

A glass room seamlessly connects your indoor and outdoor living spaces so it feels like you’re actually in your garden. Get closer to nature and experience the freedom of the outdoors without having to step outside.

Contemporary Style

Modern designs and the clever use of glass create a contemporary space that is both stunning, practical and comfortable. Our bespoke designs can be adapted to your specifications and your glass room can be upgraded and modified according to your needs including customised shading, LED lighting, decking and extra heating.

The result is a beautiful, minimalist contemporary garden room that not only improves the quality of your life, but will also add value to your property.

Versatile living space

A glass room is a versatile and effective space solution for your home. It can be used as a lounge, sun room, office, dining room, or as a safe play room for the kids.

It is also a great area for entertaining friends and family all year round. Never be caught out by the weather again. With a glass room, you can still enjoy rainy day summer parties without getting wet.

Year round comfort

Thanks to innovate German engineering, our glass rooms have excellent thermal efficiency and are able to adapt to outside temperatures, leaving you with a wonderfully cool room in the summer and a warm and cosy room in the winter; providing the perfect year round solution.

A glass room also exposes you to natural light which enhances your immune system, eases stress and raises your serotonin levels, making you feel happier.

No need for planning permission

In most cases, planning permission isn’t needed for a glass room extension. Installation is quick; on average it takes between 3-5 days from start to finish. There’s also minimal disruption so you can begin to reap the benefits of your new living space in no time at all.

For more information on our glass rooms, textile roofs, verandas and awnings, contact The Glass Room Company today.