We’ve been so lucky with this amazing weather, enjoying the outdoor life which has inevitably changed the pace and routine of our every day life. There’s nothing like waking up every morning to blue skies and sunlight seeping through the windows. It’s something we all start to take for granted, almost like being on a Mediterranean holiday. So when the weather does start to change, which it inevitably will do, why not try to extend that forever-summer feeling by bringing your outside to the inside.

Maximise the Sunlight

You might be starting to move indoors when the sun goes down and as we begin to edge towards autumn, the evenings can begin to feel decidedly very cool indeed. Its important though, not to just switch off the garden or patio and just shut it down for the winter, as your garden still has a lot of life and enjoyment left in it, especially if the weather stays clear and dry. Try not to switch that holiday feeling off and enjoy using your glass room or garden view as an extension of your outdoor space.

Reorganise your space

by shifting a bit of the furniture around and adding a couple of reclining garden chairs, and maybe bring some of your pot-plants indoors. Why not eat your breakfasts and dinners in your garden room, or next to your patio doors, enjoying the emerging morning and waning evening light. 
Sit quietly with a cup of tea or glass of wine and delight in the tranquility of your outdoor space, remaining undercover and sheltered whilst enjoying the view.
If you have bi-fold doors you can arrange your comfy chairs or sofas closer to them so you can still stay under cover but with the windows open, enjoy the sensations and atmosphere of the outdoors, and if it gets a bit nippy, just cover your knees with a blanket.

Natural Light

A wood burning brasier or fire pit on the patio can help take the chill out of the air too and this can extend your outdoor time significantly. Why not light candles in lanterns or tea lights near the glass. The glow from them will give the distinct impression of warmth. 
Solar lights are a good option also, or the romantic vintage style lighting with that copper tinted retro gleam, resembling magic of fire flies. Why not hang a string of them on the outside of the windows and you can also reap the benefits in the evenings when you retire indoors.

From summer to autumn is a perfect time to reap the benefits of your glass room as it extends the relaxing, summer, outdoor-life feeling. By giving you more time to engage with the evening light, your days will continue as usual whilst you relax out of the evening chill, within your beautifully designed glass room.

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