5 visually brilliant Glass Room designs

From multi-functional glass rooms that take centre stage to glass structures that blend seamlessly into the garden, these designs are both beautiful and practical.

Glass rooms come in all shapes, sizes and styles depending on the structure and look of their surroundings. Each home and garden creates its own unique glass room, sometimes becoming the central feature, or rather a seamless part of the home.

As a way of appreciation, below are 5 of the most visually impressive glass room designs that we’ve spotted this year.

Centre stage glass room

This glass room clearly takes centre stage in this home and is also multi-functional, offering a lounge area as well as a place to dine. The contrast between the traditional brick home and the modern glass room and patio works particularly well, not to mention the addition of a beautiful, green backdrop.

Natural light and good interior design

Along with the angled roof, the interior design of this glass room has really embraced the spirit of summer, with colourful accessories mixed with crisp, white furniture for a perfectly fresh finish. This room really makes the most of any natural light, meaning a relaxing afternoon of reading is always possible. This glass room also includes some hanging light bulbs and a unique lampshade to take any occasion well into the late hours of the evening.

A glass room spacious in width

This glass Room has clearly made use of the length of the garden, but still looks spacious in width. The sofa set is complemented by a statement rug and neutral wooden flooring for a scandinavian effect. This style is suited for every season thanks to its versatility.

White colour theme throughout

This glass room carries a white colour theme throughout, including the walls and floors, which looks particularly inviting against a floral backdrop. The addition of delicate furniture also gives the room a true al fresco feel.

Silver glass room with contrasting furniture

The contemporary silver design here makes this glass room look particularly sleek, while the contrasting monochrome furniture also adds a sense of sophistication to the design. The addition of only a few colourful flowers also helps keep the area looking fresh, without making the area seem too crowded.