5 simple tips for maintaining your glass room

Keep your glass room clean and functional with these simple maintenance tips.

Once your new glass room is installed, the next step is to keep it maintained and looking as lovely as the day is was built. Luckily, this isn’t difficult. Our glass rooms are made from high-quality corrosion resistant (or anti-corrosion) materials and thickened glass, meaning they are built to last and are very low maintenance once installed.

They are deliberately constructed not to be air-tight, allowing for air circulation between the glass panels and minimising condensation. It is also possible to have passive, permanent ventilation built into the roof to further prevent heat and moisture build up. Awnings and textile roofs are also designed to be low maintenance with durable dirt and water repelling fabrics.

Preventing Condensation

Condensation happens when warm, humid air meets a cold surface. As a glass room’s natural design helps to prevent this from happening, the biggest cause of condensation is from adjoining rooms. Keeping doors to adjoining rooms closed, while ensuring any affected areas are not blocked by furniture, curtains or other obstructions, will help to minimise condensation. In winter, opening up the area for short 5-10 minute periods will also help to replace the humid air with fresh, dry outside air.

General Maintenance

Moving parts should be checked and cleaned at regular intervals. No lubricating with silicone oil is necessary. In general,it is best to avoid using aggressive cleaning agents, acids, abrasives, sharp implements, steel wool or solvent-based cleaners when cleaning your glass room.

Cleaning the Glass Panels

It is best to use a neutral cleaning agent with lots of clean water to avoid scratching the glass.

Cleaning Aluminium Parts

In non-saltwater areas, the aluminium parts should be cleaned at least once a year using clean water and a few drops of a pH-neutral or very slightly alkaline detergent.

Cleaning the Fabrics

In most cases, any loose dirt can be removed with a soft-bristled brush or a vacuum cleaner. Any light stains should be removed with a soft, moist cloth using a 5-10% solution of mild detergent and lukewarm water (max 40°C). Once finished, rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

By following these steps and keeping up some basic maintenance, the life and lustre of your glass room will be prolonged, allowing you to enjoy this space for many years. Don’t forget glass rooms and verandas also come with a 10-year warranty, offering you additional peace of mind and protection.