Easy Extensions

Autumn is definitely here. The winds and rains have come and many of us will notice that our outdoor spaces are carpeted with leaves or rain water or in my case, a carpet of very wet leaves. Patios and door steps can become slippery, and the battle with bringing in outdoor gifts such as mud and foliage can become an issue.

Making Do

Yesterday, my husband and I took our dog for a lovely long walk in the local woods, when we returned, we both left our muddy walking boots on the patio to dry but ended up forgetting about them and found them sodden the next morning after a heavy down poor in the night. This wouldn’t have happened if we’d had a porch but sadly, our studio flat only has a door leading directly onto a square of decking. On a whim, my husband dropped into the nearest hardware store and came home with a budget free-standing gazebo and put it up on the patio to give us some extended shelter. For a day or two it worked beautifully until a heavy night of wind and rain buckled and blew it into the next door neighbours garden.


The best type of coverage would have been in the form of a more reliable permanent fixture such as an adaptable awning. There’s a wide range of awnings to choose from and can be tailor made to the colour style and proportions of your space as well as other features such as optional heating and lighting.


Historically, people have been aware of the value of shade and protection. Awnings originated in the Middle East and Africa, where portable oasis were created by woven mats and hides to protect nomads for the burning sun. In the Roman Empire, large retractable fabric awnings sheltered the seating areas of amphitheatres and stadiums, including the Coliseum. Then in the open markets and store fronts, awnings were erected to cover stalls from the scorching sun and offer a more comfortable solution to keep customers cool and business more appealing.


Over the years the awning has evolved. In the USA, over 150 years ago the first retractable awnings were invented rapidly sparking off in popularity Europe, where retractable awnings have become a usual and necessary part of storefronts and homes. Along with curtains, drapes and blinds which were important fixtures before tinted glass and air conditioning were invented, effective and cost effective awnings offered protection against the sun’s rays while blocking out sunlight and allowing air to circulate between the exterior and interior. Awnings also offered both attractive decoration and protection from the elements.


More recently in the world of home interiors and business exterior design, retractable awnings have become the hottest trend in home and business exterior design.
So an awning is not only the most efficient option to protect and extend your outdoor space but also enhance your property with an attractive and versatile appendage.

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