Past and Present Awnings

In Ancient Rome folding, linen awnings known as ‘velariums’ were used above the seating areas in the Coliseum. But it wasn’t until 19th Century that they became a common feature on shop fronts and domestic windows. The first modern type of awning which stretched out on an ‘arm’ was invented in Paris in 1889.

Past And Present Awnings

Think of an awning and you’ll probably conjure up an image of a deli shop front in downtown Manhattan or a European sunshade hanging over colourful window boxes.

They are also becoming increasingly popular in UK homes, adding a contemporary and stylish look to outdoor areas. However, awnings aren’t a modern concept. In fact, they’ve been providing shade and shelter for centuries.

Here’s a quick look at past and present awnings and why they are ideal for today’s modern lifestyle.

Awning Origins

Awnings first originated in the Middle East and Africa when woven mats hung from poles were used as protection from the burning sun.

Awnings Today

Awnings today offer a number of benefits to modern lifestyle living:

Extend your outdoor areas

If you love entertaining in your garden, an awning is perfect for protecting guests from the elements. They also offer a degree of privacy from neighbouring properties. Retractable awnings also allow you to control how much sun or shade you want in a particular area.

Add value to your home

An awning provides more useable space outside while creating a unique and stylish feature to your home’s exterior. It’s a desirable feature that will appeal to buyers, and ultimately add more value to your property.

Protect your furnishings

Much as we love sunny days, constant exposure to direct sunlight can discolour and damage your interior and outdoor furnishings. An awning can protect your home from harsh UV rays and preserve your furniture and flooring.

Reduce energy costs

Retractable awnings can have a two fold effect on helping to reduce energy costs in your home. In the summer, an awning helps to keep your home cooler by reducing the heat from the sun, reducing the need for air conditioning. In the winter a retracted awning allows the sun’s rays to enter through the windows, helping to warm your home while giving you the benefit of natural light.

Colour options

Awnings come in a huge range of fabrics and frame colour options, so you can choose the perfect design and colour to complement your outdoor furnishings and colour schemes.

Clever technology

A remotely operated retractable awning allows you to control when it opens and closes at the touch of a button. Ideal for those flash storms and sudden downpours.

Modern state-of-the-art awnings also have integrated heating and lighting features, so you can extend your leisure time outdoors.

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