How to transform your glass veranda into a full glass room

Convert your glass veranda into a full glass room with any one of these three options.

One of the best things about a glass room is that it is modular and can have elements added to it, like putting together the pieces of a jigsaw. This means that if you already have a glass veranda, you can choose to add glass panels and convert it into a full glass room without requiring any changes to the existing structure.

There are various different roof shapes available for a glass veranda, a few examples of which are shown below. You’ll see that the structure of the glass veranda already has the basic frame required for adding walls. All you need to do is decide which type of glass panelling to add.

There are several options for adding walls to a glass veranda. In keeping with their flexible format, you can opt for fixed immovable side panels, easy-glide sliding walls or even go with slide and turn partitions… or a mixture of different options.

Once you have decided on which type of glass panelling you would like to use, the last step is to determine how you would like to extend your glass veranda. There are three main options:

Lightest option

Option one uses fixed glass side panels and offers the lightest solution with no more than a single horizontal or vertical strut being required. The benefit of this design is that it offers maximum transparency.

Light & flexible

Option two is still a light option with a fixed glass panel at the top with the flexibility to add an easy-glide sliding wall or a folding partition underneath. The combination of lightness and panel options make this a very popular choice.

Highest stability

Option three is the sturdiest choice offering the highest stability and a good option if the side will be exposed to very high winds. It has a sturdy, fixed panel at the top and your choice of sliding wall, folding partition or fixed glass wall panelling underneath.

As you can see there are many options to consider. If you would like advice on converting your Glass Veranda into a full Glass Room, please contact us for a FREE consultation.