A Sunroom is a term that can be any of the three “seasonal rooms” (or rooms) but is known by many other names. It could also be a “solarium,” a seasonal room with a glass roof, or a sun terrace. A Sunroom is defined as a glass or polycarbonate roof that allows more heat and light to pass through. It is a room or a small outbuilding built with glass walls and roofs to allow more sunlight inside. Typically Sunrooms are laced at the side or back of a house. Most backyard terraces can, however, can be used as a base for such a space. This type of room, also called a solarium or Sunroom, is a glazed room – in living rooms that are typically attached to a house. Inside, there are windows and screens on three sides that allow the sun to shine in and capture maximum exposure. This flexible space can, therefore, be used for just about any purpose that requires an additional bedroom. Sunrooms and verandas primarily serve as an extra space in your home, and you can imagine them as outdoor platforms. A Sunroom can refer to a fence around a terrace, which begins with a paved outdoor area. There are many ways that terraces can enclose a sun terrace (or any other outdoor area in a house), including using a glass roof, a roof terrace or even a walled area.

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